Chef Alex Jimenez/The Farmer’s Union

Born in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, Alex Jiménez learned to cook from an early age by spending many days and nights in the kitchen with his mother. When his uncle brought him to the US at 17, he found a job as a dishwasher at Gordon Biersch, and he knew right away that he wanted to become a chef. There he worked his way up to becoming a line cook and began his 28-year hands-on culinary career. He eventually moved to E&O Trading to work as a cook, where Susan Highland recognized his talents and gave him his first big break by making him Lead Chef. This instilled in him the confidence he needed to become the chef he is today.

Chef Jiménez's philosophy is “cook from the heart”, and his passion for cooking and the challenges it brings keeps him excited about his profession every day. Since joining Farmer's Union in 2013, he has applied this passion to create some of his favorite dishes, such as the Flat Iron Steak, Crab Cakes and the Turkey Sandwich. His love for cooking doesn't end when he leaves the restaurant - when he gets home he is right back in the kitchen, cooking more delicious dishes alongside his family. Although, he has eaten many exotic foods (including escarabajo, a beetle toasted with garlic, he loves preparing meat dishes like Carne Asada from his native Mexico. If Alex weren't a chef, he'd still pursue a hands-on career as an architect, where his first project would be finishing the remodel of his house.